What are the available options for part-time jobs at Amazon?

Want to mint dollars by working for a few hours? Well, Amazon part-time jobs are happy to help. Amazon provides the most suitable pay with the best work culture and other benefits. Wish to earn on the same lines? Scroll down and explore a variety of roles with adjustable shifts offered by Amazon:

1. Amazon Fulfillment Center Warehouse Associate

Here, you will be working in the heart of Amazon – warehouse centers. This is the place where a customer’s order begins its journey from click to delivery. A fulfillment center warehouse associate gets the orders placed at Amazon, ready. One deals with merchandise, make-on-demand, and general fulfillment. The fulfillment center associates also handle Amazon’s super-fast delivery service. A fulfillment center warehouse associate has the following roles:
● Receive the inventory stock at the Amazon workstations.
● Prepare the customer-order merchandise while handling it with care.
● Load the merchandise in a truck/lorry.
● Using technology, scan the bar codes and follow the directions for merchandise.
● Stack the packages on pallets.

This Amazon part-time job in Phoenix AZ role lets you schedule your shifts at your convenience. You can keep it as flexible as possible. With this job, grow your career by getting free job training and a great work environment. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and sign up now for this job opportunity.

2. Amazon Sortation Center Associate

Here, you will be sorting, scanning, and stacking packages. The mandatory step is in helping to get customer orders ready for delivery. This job role lets you control and adjust your work routine in a way that works best for you now. An Amazon sortation center associate needs to discharge the following duties:

● Receiving inventory timely.
● Sorting the received inventory.
● Get customer orders ready for delivery.
● For scanning of barcodes, use technologies like computers, smartphones, and other apps.

An Amazon sortation center associate has a busy work schedule. But one does have the power to keep it as flexible as possible. Amazon provides free job training for its sortation center associates. Above all, you will get competitive pay with a great work environment.

3. Amazon Delivery Station Warehouse Associate

This is the last stop that an Amazon order has to cross before landing on the doorstep of the customer. Here, you help in preparing delivery trucks full of orders. An Amazon delivery station warehouse associate has to load conveyor belts. You may even be part of the team that works with larger items, such as LED TVs, furniture, and much more. The best part of this part-time job profile is that Amazon provides free training. Training on how to use technology to handle such heavy bulk items is also given. An Amazon delivery station warehouse associate has the following roles and responsibilities:

● Preparing the inventory for the delivery of orders.
● Using technologies and handheld devices for sorting, scanning, and preparing packages. Barcodes have prompts that one has to follow for the execution of some task.
● Receive truck deliveries.
● Sorting and transportation of pallets and packages.

Pave the way to career growth with this Amazon part-time job role. Get the required training for free and a good work environment. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and sign up now for this job opportunity.

4. Amazon Air Associate

Be a part of the dedicated team that loads cargo onto the plane from warehouses. They have to ensure the timely and safe delivery of the order at the customer’s doorstep. Above all, in this Amazon part-time job role, you will gain experience that can pave way for an air cargo career. An Amazon air associate discharges the following duties:

● Loading and unloading the delivery plane and trucks.
● Removing tie-downs and other gear during the loading and unloading of orders.
● Preparing packages for sortation and loading.

Get, set, and earn with a free training program by Amazon that can benefit you in entering the air cargo industry. Here, one gets indoor as well as outdoor work experience. The work environment is diverse.

5. Grocery Fresh Associate

An Amazon grocery fresh associate works in an Amazon grocery warehouse. Here, starting from ice-creams to ornamental flowers, anything, and everything is available. One gets to work in refrigerated and freezer spaces as well, with the right gear to stay warm. An Amazon grocery fresh associate has to:

● Prepare grocery orders for delivery.
● Intake new grocery inventory and put it away.
● Rotate tasks throughout the week.
● Scan bar codes using technology like computers and smartphones.
● Check for order accuracy.

Stay indoors and interact with customers. Get competitive pay and enjoy Amazon’s work culture. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and sign up now for this job opportunity.

6. Amazon Delivery Service Partner

Amazon has partnered with local Delivery Service Partners (DSPs). These are independent delivery organizations. They help in delivering Amazon packages to customers. An Amazon Delivery Service Partner has to deliver packages to homes. They also need to deliver to retail locations as a driver. The responsibilities of an Amazon DSP is to:

● Drive and timely.
● Respect customer preferences.
● Make sure that the food remains fresh till the consumer receives the delivery.
● Communicate with the consumer and resolve their queries.
● Resolve matters of confusion and other issues or delay with the coworkers as well as the customer.
● Achieve the optimal level of consumer satisfaction.
● Maintain a delivery log consisting of deliveries done in a day along with the feedback received so far.
● Take negative customer feedback positively.

This job profile requires no special license and gives a competitive way, a flexible schedule, and other great benefits. There are so many options available for you, become an Amazon Delivery Service Partner now. Found the one that’s right for you? Kick-start your Amazon journey today. Happy earning!

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