How to install rollers on a cat proofing fencing system?

The installation of cat-proofing fencing rollers is relatively simple. This allows you to quickly install the whole system, provided that no sections are cut to length. It’s easy to attach brackets to your fence, and then insert the rollers. You can cut tubing to the length you need, but this may require tools not usually found in garages or home tool boxes. Rollers made from high-quality materials require little maintenance once they are installed. 

Cat proofing fencing roller systems are praised for their aesthetic appeal and minimal intrusiveness compared to other containment options. These rollers can be placed along the top of your fencing system and will not affect the appearance of the set up. You can also find commercially-available rollers in many colors that will blend well with your fence. 

Drawbacks of rollers on cat proofing fencing

While rollers on cat proofing fencing offer many benefits, it is important that you must also consider the possible drawbacks. They can only be used in yards with an existing fence. Cats are capable of leaping great distances. Research suggests that domestic cats can jump vertically up to 5 feet. If the fence height is below 6 feet, cats will jump over it. This can happen even if a cat-proof roller system has been installed. Cats will climb to escape from heights below 6 feet. There are no ready-made solutions for lower fence heights than 6 feet. 

Cat proofing fencing rollers may not be suitable for all types of fences. It is not possible to create a seamless perimeter in all areas. These areas include around corners and where fencing meets with a structure. These areas require brackets to accommodate turns, splits and endpoints. This can create gaps between the rollers, which could make them vulnerable to escapes. Houdini cats are particularly vulnerable to this! These persistent and intelligent cats find these cracks and use them to climb over fences and out of yards. Sometimes, they might even discover that they can jump right through the fence’s roller when they reach its top. 

The combination of a physical barrier and the collapsible extension proved to be more efficient and infinitely more versatile in their application. This is based on decades of testing. The cat fence topper is not as beautiful as it looks, but it makes life easier for your pets and provides safety. You can keep your cat happy, safe, and healthy outside by exploring our method.

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