Cosmetology | Benefits of Pursuing a Cosmetology Career

You’re someone who loves hands-on learning and aspires to help everyone look and feel their best. If that sounds like you, you might want to consider a cosmetology career.

Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatments. Treatments include hair, makeup, skincare, and nail care. People want to look their best, and cosmetologists help them do that.

Here are five rewarding benefits to pursuing a career in cosmetology

1. Affordable Training

The price tag on college can be tens of thousands, but pursuing a career in cosmetology is kinder on your wallet. Like trade schools, cosmetology education uses hands-on learning to provide you with the necessary skills at a fraction of the cost.

Most cosmetology programs last up to 18 months—shorter than traditional college degrees. Without the large time and financial investment, it’s a wise option to minimize education debt and start your career sooner.

To become a cosmetologist, you will need to be licensed in your state.

2. The Opportunity to Give the Gift of Confidence

Cosmetology jobs are one of the few where you help provide something that money can’t often buy—confidence. Whether you’re giving someone a haircut, creating a look for a beautiful bride, helping someone try an adventurous color, or doing someone’s makeup, you’re also bringing confidence.

The feeling of watching someone light up at their new look is one of the greatest rewards in working as a cosmetologist.

3. Earning and Advancement Potential

There are a variety of career options available for cosmetologists to increase earning potential or advance.

Some salons have different skill levels for their stylists, and you can become a top-tier stylist with higher rates. Many allow training to become an educator that teaches other stylists about new techniques and products in the industry.

There are even opportunities to do freelance work. This work usually focuses on special events or wedding hair and makeup.

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4. Letting Your Creativity Shine

If you thrive on creativity, cosmetology is one of the career options where you get to be creative every day. You can play with different techniques, blend colors, explore current beauty trends, and experiment with bold makeup looks.

5. Build a Loyal Clientele

Clients in the beauty industry often develop loyalty to their favorite salons and stylists. These clients provide job security because most services require regular appointments several times a year.

Working as a cosmetologist allows you to build a loyal client base and have a steady stream of appointments. These regular customers also help you build relationships that make work feel like less of a job.

Does a Cosmetology Career Sound Right for You?

Working in cosmetology is a job where you can build meaningful relationships with clients, boost confidence, have unique earning opportunities, and get creative. If these sound like benefits you can get behind, it may be time to pursue a cosmetology career.

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