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While the Indian Premier League’s major appeal is still its high-quality cricket, the event has also supplied fans with various types of entertainment throughout the years. Analysis, interviews, contests, advertisements, and songs have all contributed to the brand’s allure.

The songs, in particular, are played on and off the pitch throughout the tournament and end up lasting with the spectators. Let’s take a look at all of the IPL theme song, from the beginning to the end.

Allow us to make your feet shake, and groove you on the best.

Every IPL Song Till Now

1. IPL-1 (2008): Very First IPL Tone

The original IPL theme song was named ‘Cricket Ka Dharmayudh’ or a ‘cricket battle,’ and it was created by A.R Rahman. It was a classic A.R Rahman song with his distinctive flair, and the video featured all of the top players at the moment battling each other.

2. IPL-2 (2009): Second IPL Music

The 2009 IPL did not have a theme song, but it did have an ad called “Divided by Nations, United by IPL” since the IPL was being held in South Africa, and it showed people and players from many nations coming together as a result of this event.

3. IPL-3 (2010): Great Official IPL Anthem

The major theme song for the 2010 IPL was named “Saare Jahan Se Acha,” and with the IPL returning to India, the song centered on the country, with all of the leaders of the teams standing in a stadium full of people chanting the song. The theme song for Extra Innings T20 was named “Lautaaya,” and it featured the show’s stars dancing to the tune.

4. IPL-4 (2011): Best IPL Tune

“Dum lagakemara ray” was the 2011 IPL theme song. It had the renowned trumpet sound that we are all familiar with; the iconic song was played on the radio, television, and almost every part of India.

5. IPL-5 (2012): New IPL Song With Hip-Hop Touch

The 2012 IPL theme song was “AisaMaukaAur Kaha Milega,” and it was a hip-hop tune with notable cricket pundits in the video. Go for this IPL song MP3 download 2012.

6. IPL-6 (2013): One Of The Best IPL Songs

The 2013 IPL theme song was called “Jumping Zapak”. It had Farha Khan dancing on a quirky song with catchy lyrics. This IPL song will definitely make you groove. Kapil Dev and other celebrities were included in the video, which was a humorous but ultimately enjoyable mashup.

7. IPL-7 (2014): IPL Stadium Music To Make You Groove

The 2014 IPL theme song was named “Come, onBulavaAaya Hai,” and it was a typical IPL song with pop music and catchy lyrics, featuring pundits and celebrities dancing in the video.

8. IPL-8 (2015): IPL Song 2015 With Ethnic Touch

The 2015 IPL theme song was titled “India ka Tyohaar,” which was an appropriate name given that the IPL had grown to be a major event by 2015, and the song properly captured the emotion.

9. IPL-9 (2016): IPL Promo Song With The Notion Of Peace & Love

“Ek India Happywala” was the 2016 IPL theme song. It was written by Salim-Sulaiman and performed by Raj Pandit. This song was written to bring Indians together and to spread the message “Spread love, not hate.” People loved to go on the sites and do IPL 2016 theme song download.

10. IPL-10 (2017): Best In The List Of IPL All Song

“Das Saal Aapke Naam” was the 2017 IPL theme song. This song commemorates IPl’s tenth anniversary and thanks to the audience for making it possible; the theme song has a fresh, upbeat tone.

11. IPL-11 (2018): IPL Tone Featuring Commentators

The 2018 IPL theme song was titled “Yeh khelhaisherjawano ka,” and it featured all of the world’s top cricketers competing to be the greatest.

12. IPL-12 (2019): IPL Theme Song For Pride

This is the IPL 2020 song, the most latest one, and the most famous one! “Game Banayega Name” was the 2019 IPL theme song. The video conveys the notion that it makes no difference how well you are known; you must perform. This IPL song 2020 was on the top charts.

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IPL Anthem Songs

Any country’s, event’s, tournament’s, or team’s anthem song expresses its essence, culture, diversity, and allegiance and dedication to its source. The IPL (Indian Premier League) is no exception; it is a competition in which the cricket pitch is transformed into a battlefield and players are transformed into warriors, showing their abilities and courage to win the famous IPL trophy.

1. Mumbai Indians

Denge Hila Denge Hum composed by Piyush Pandey is the IPL Mumbai Indian song. The video song featured Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan and a child applauding the Mumbai Indians team’s courage and valor. The song was released a few weeks before the inaugural IPL season began.

2. Kolkata Knight Riders

Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo is the theme song of Kolkata Knight Riders. In 2008, a joyful wave swept over the country. The audience was ecstatic. Let’s revisit the old memories of the original KKR IPL song ten years afterward. Till now, it is the best IPL 2021 song.

Vishal Shekhar composed the song, and the album featured a variety of vocalists and composers, including famous names like Usha Uthup and Bappi Lahiri. The song itself featured Shahrukh Khan dressed as a Kolkata Knight Rider, urging the squad and the audience to act, battle, and win.

3. Chennai Super Kings

Despite all of the scandals and claims, the Chennai Super Kings are unquestionably the most successful team in the IPL and have the largest fan following in the country. The Chennai Super Kings album was published in both Tamil and Hindi in 2009.

Mani Sharma (theme tune), GV Prakash (the renowned nephew of Oscar winner AR Rahman), and Bharadwaj wrote five tracks for the album. The album’s vocalists were Chitra, Naveen, Rahul, and Ranjeet, but the highlight was Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s rap.

4. Sunrisers Hyderabad

Sunrises Hyderabad was the most entertaining team in the first IPL season, with players such as David Warner, Kane Williamson, Rashid Khan, and Bhuvneshwar Kumar. G.V Prakash sang the Sunrises Hyderabad IPL anthem, reinvigorating the battling spirit within and savoring the taste of victory and triumph. “GO GO GO GO”.

5. Royal Challengers Bangalore

Royal Challengers Bangalore was the tournament’s most luxurious, expensive, and showy squad in 2008, inspired by co-owner Vijay Mallaya. Amit Trivedi composed the RCB IPL 2008 song “Jeetenge Hum Shaan Se.”

The album showed the whole Royal Challengers Bangalore squad emerging from the smoke and displaying their never-say-die spirit. Rahul Dravid, Virat Kohli, and Anil Kumble led the way.

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6. Rajasthan Royals

The Rajasthan Royals were the most underestimated team in the 2008 IPL, however, despite the criticism, the squad proved its worth and won the inaugural IPL title. The Rajasthan Royals’ IPL song “Halla Bol” portrayed the vibrancy and color of Rajasthani soil. Rajasthan’s market, streets, and local atmosphere were used in the video song.

7. Kings XI Punjab

With Punjabi Kudi Preity Zinta as the franchise co-owner, Kings XI Punjab exemplified the colorful exuberance of Punjab and Northern India. The Kings XI Punjab IPL song featured dhol, bhangra, and the whole Kings XI team. Daler Mehendi wrote and sang the anthem song.

8. Delhi Capitals

First, the Delhi Daredevils, now renamed as the Delhi Capitals, is the IPL’s dark horse, having reached the semifinals. The words of the DC IPL song were “Roar Macha,” which encouraged the squad to play brave cricket and earn the crowd’s respect and affection.

Shikhar Dhawan and Rishabh Pant were in the lead in the video, training with the team. Amit Trivedi sang and wrote the Anthem song.

Groove On The Best IPL Song

Every year, millions of Indians place their hopes (and joys) in the success of their favorite IPL team. This year will be no different, and there has been no drop in excitement and enthusiasm. To commemorate the event, we have included every IPL song up to this point.

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