6 Most Common New Year’s Decor Mistakes

The New Year is coming, but there is no festive mood at all? Aside from the blues, you need to sculpt it yourself! And start simple: decorate the house for the New Year. After all, who will not be pleased with the smell of a Christmas tree and shiny tinsel? Just try not to make these 10 popular mistakes in New Year’s decor. Then there will be order in the house, and a holiday in the soul!

Decorating your home for the winter holidays is a pleasant and almost meditative activity. Therefore, it is easy to get carried away and lose a sense of proportion. And so that in the end the apartment does not resemble a gypsy lair from old films, try to control yourself and avoid these common mistakes. But they are repeated from year to year – also, almost a tradition.

Décor Mistakes To Avoid

Here are some New Year’s décor mistakes many of us make:

Use only red and green decorations

It may have something to do with Western Christmas fashion, but red and green are the most popular colors in holiday decor. Which is quite charming, but a bit boring. Do not be afraid to move away from stereotypes and dilute the palette with new rich colors. After all, it has been proven that color therapy has a beneficial effect on mental health.

Put the Christmas tree in the wrong place
The Christmas tree is the queen of the winter holidays, and therefore deserves a better place in front of everyone. For example, in the center of the room or in front of the longest wall. Do not rush to hide it in a corner: it is not only boring, but also potentially dangerous. After all, the tree must be kept as far as possible from batteries, heaters and sockets. And don’t forget to water from time to time.

Leave an electric garland on all night
Firstly, for especially sensitive individuals, it will interfere with sleep (verified). Secondly, it will wind up the electricity bill despite the fact that no one enjoys this beauty at night. And thirdly, no one has canceled the fire safety rules: an included garland on curtains or a carpet without proper supervision is a potential fire hazard. You need to be careful with inflatable Christmas decorations especially if there are pets in the house who like to try the wires for a tooth. Why put the holidays at risk?

Forget about children
If there are kids in the house (children, grandchildren, nephews), then do not forget to remove all Christmas decorations with small details away from the lower branches. Or replace them with fruits and other chocolate bunnies. Unless, of course, the children are allergic to them. Delicious and safe decor that will definitely please all family members.

Buy only the cheapest Christmas toys and decorations
Of course, New Year’s decor is by no means the main expense item for everyone. And it is right. But you can always turn on the fantasy. And dilute the background of basic plain balls with an original garland or not the cheapest star that will last more than one season.

Overdo it

A kilometer of garlands, luminous snowmen riding reindeer, and in the living room it is impossible to pass because of the wall of “rain” – sound familiar? Holidays are holidays, but you should not forget about the sense of proportion. After all, busting with bright decor not only looks strange, but even makes us feel annoyed and anxious. Psychologists warn about this. But irritation is the last thing you want to feel at home, right?

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