5 Ways to Detox Your Body Natural

5 Ways to Detox Your Body Natural

Detox drinks, detox foods, detox habits are some of the common words we hear on a daily basis. This has become one popular health trend and every day we tend to see digital health experts standing in front of your laptop and mobile screens giving us the recipes for some magical detox drinks that can help us to revitalize our health. 

However, there is always a little more you need to know about body detox. Detox when it comes to the literal meaning refers to the removal of toxins from the body. But the point is the toxins you accumulate in your body for years can’t go after drinking one drink in the morning. In other words, unless you fix your lifestyle habits no detox recipe will work for you. 

If I talk about this belief, I and you were probably sailing in the same boat, not so long but just weeks ago. A few weeks ago I visited a nutritionist at Boulevard Hospital in Karachi and told him about my weight challenges. I added that I was trying detox drinks in the morning but still not seeing any improvement in my overall health. This was the correction I probably needed at that time and in this piece of information, I am going to share this information with you. 

Body detox is only possible with the right practices and can’t be done in an hour or two. In case you’re looking for ways that can help you detox your body naturally, then here are a few tips that can help you for sure.

1- Drink water

No matter how many claimed healthy drinks you come across on a daily basis there is no such thing as plain water. If I tell you that nothing is as healthy for your body as plain water then this is completely correct. Plain water flushes out the toxins really well and cleanses your body. Drinking water on an empty stomach can surely be a good idea. Other than this, you need to intake at least 2-3 litres of water in a day to clean your body at regular intervals. 

2- Fight oxidative stress with foods

A part of body detox comes from fighting oxidative stress in your body. Oxidative stress is bad for your overall health and can take a toll on your overall health. For this reason, you need to fight this oxidative stress pretty well and this can surely be a good way to detox your body. 

You can start consuming foods that are anti-inflammatory in nature. Some of these food options can be fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Other than this, spices like turmeric can also be a good source of anti-inflammatory components and can be added to milk to get the maximum benefits of these.

3- Limit your sugar and salt intake

Consumption of salt and sugar is part of our normal routine but little did we know that consumption of salt and sugar is harmful to us. Though we don’t see the side effects immediately over time, accumulation of salt and sugar damages our organs that becomes evident over time. So, if you want to stay healthy for longer periods of time, it is recommended to limit the intake and sugar from your diet and gradually replace them with healthy alternatives. 

4- Sleep well

Your body has inbuilt systems for the removal of toxins. Efficient toxin removal is the key here that depends upon how well your organs are working. After working hard throughout the day, your body needs to repair itself. Sleeping can help your body to heal well and detox itself naturally. Some of you want to detox yourself, so you should work on improving your sleep hygiene.

5- Stay physically active

The faster your metabolism is, your body will efficiently remove the toxins from the body. Among many ways that can help to boost your metabolism, physical activity stays important. You can start slowly with mild physical activity or increase the intensity as your stamina builds over time. Efficient metabolism will make the toxin removal fast thus providing you with better physical health


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