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How to Pay Less Corporate Tax in China?

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Corporations operating in China are required to pay taxes to the government. In addition to the taxes that they must pay as normal businesses, they are also required to pay a special tax known as the Corporate Income Tax. This article will explain how much you need to know about corporate tax in China to minimize your tax liability and become a profitable business that pays the least amount of taxes possible.

What is the Corporate Income Tax?

The Corporate Income Tax is what the government charges for your business’s income earned. In China, the corporate tax in china rate is 25%, which applies to the annual profit of the company. This means that for every dollar of profit that a company earns, they must pay 25 cents to the government. However, this tax only applies to corporations with an annual turnover of more than RMB 15 million (about $2.6 million USD).

How is Corporate Income Tax Calculated?

The Corporate Income Tax is calculated based on the company's tax base and tax rate. The tax base is the net profit of the company for the year, before deductions and income from other sources. The tax rate is either 25% or 35%. 25% of your net profit will be considered as your taxable income, while the remainder will be taxed at a lower rate. If a company has an annual net profit of 1 million yuan, their corporate income of 500 thousand yuan would be taxed at a higher rate, whereas their 250 thousand yuan would be taxed at a lower rate.

Different Types of Corporate Income Tax and How to Calculate it

There are two types of Corporate Income Tax, the Corporate Income Tax and the Enterprise Income Tax. The Corporate Income Tax is levied on all corporations' revenues minus certain deductible expenses. The Corporate Income Tax rate is 25% for most industries, but it ranges from 15% to 40% for some industries. The Enterprise Income tax is levied on the net profits of a corporation at a rate of 25%. Net profits are calculated by deducting from the total taxable income (gross income minus allowable deductions) any losses realized in prior years or other current year allowable deductions. Accordingly, taxes are only payable if net profits exceed zero.

Avoid Paying Too Much Corporate Tax in China

The Corporate Income Tax is a special tax meant to be paid by corporations operating in China. The rate of the Corporate Income Tax varies depending on how much the company makes in annual revenue, and ranges from 10-25 percent. In addition to paying these taxes as a business, corporations are also required to pay the normal individual income taxes that you would expect any employee to pay. However, if you take the time to learn about this tax and how it works, you can avoid paying too much corporate tax in China. One way that many people do this is by reducing their taxable income with things like expense deductions – there are many ways you can reduce your taxable income and learn more about them by speaking with an expert!


Corporations must pay the Corporate Income Tax The bottom line is that a corporation operating in China will have to pay the Corporate Income Tax. There are a few factors that can affect your tax liability, such as the amount of profit you’ve made and what type of industry you belong to. Regardless, it’s important for every company to know how much they need to pay in taxes so that they don’t end up paying more than necessary if you want help please contact to Moore Advisors.

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