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How to Find Peace

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The modern world has become a place of unending information, entertainment, and noise, causing elevated stress levels. Everyone now in search of how to find peace. New technology allows us to check information constantly throughout the day.

In a world consumed by physical and digital clutter, it is easy to forget how to relax and find serenity. Even though all these distractions are never going to disappear, you can take action to refocus your energy and gain control of your thoughts and feelings.

Take twelve minutes in the morning

Mornings are often full of the activities of getting ready for the day. Since you just woke up it might not occur to you to take twelve minutes to relax your mind before you start your day. 

  • Science proves that it takes approximately twelve minutes of calm to lower your cortisol, “the stress hormone” in the morning when it is at a high level. Cortisol impacts the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis.
  • Instead of turning on the computer or phone to check mail or messages, take a cup of tea outside and clear your mind as the sun comes up.

Participate in acts that encourage meditation

 When you think of meditation, you might imagine sitting on a pillow, legs crossed, eyes closed. While this is one way to meditate, the truth is you can meditate at any time and, in fact, certain types of activity can actually encourage you to enter a meditative or mindful state. Try doing something slightly repetitive that doesn't demand too much brain power. This could be a chore, such as washing dishes, chopping vegetables, or sweeping the floor, or it could be an activity like knitting, coloring, or throwing clay on a pottery wheel. Find a quiet, distraction-free place to work (turn off the television, etc.) and simply allow yourself to focus on your senses as you work.

  • For instance, if you're washing the dishes, notice how the water feels on your skin and the sponge feels in your hand. Listen to the splash of the water and smell the scent of the soap. Don't judge, label, or think too hard about what you're doing. Just allow yourself to fully experience the moment.
  • If you find you are distracted by a nagging thought, try writing it down and going back to your activity.

Take a walk in nature

The quietness of nature is a simple way to find immediately silence. The background noise of the wind blowing, animals bustling about, and your phone turned off, helps the mind to relax on nothingness.

  • If you decide to take a walk in the woods, leave the cell phone, iPod, or tablet at home. These noisy devices can become active at any moment disrupting the peace and quiet.
  • Or, if you live in the city, hiking in open spaces, strolling through the park, or even watching nature scenes on television has proven to bring about a peaceful environment.

Turn off cell phone notifications

 Cell phones are easily the greatest distraction in modern society. Research indicates that, on average, people check their cell phones 150 times every day, or every six minutes in a 16 hour day. This cacophony does not promote a peaceful environment. 

  • Simply turn off all nonessential notifications – Facebook, twitter, game updates, and email – as your default setting.
  • Make a few scheduled times throughout the day to check all your notifications.

Rest your eyes

Rest your eyes to find the peace is another way. Most people believe that it is a fundamental act to close your eyes while performing meditation, but many forms of meditation require “open eyes” to avoid falling asleep. Most techniques want you to keep your eyes half open while others suggest you perform a full stare. Although both “eyes open” and “eyes shut” are acceptable while trying to find peace in your day. 

  • Start by focusing your eyes on a static point while relaxing your body. Take three deep breaths and as you exhale, relax your shoulders, jaw, and face.
  • Be aware of the world around you — sounds, smells, and temperature — to help you realize what you are thinking and feeling on the inside.
  • Accept all of the sensory information you are processing. It is important not to make an effort to control or change anything.
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