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What To Consider When Hosting A Networking Event

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by Roman Winter

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What To Consider When Hosting a Networking EventHosting a networking event can be something that requires huge focus and attention. When business owners attempt to bring people together it can require them to access pools of time not available on a regular basis. It can and will be difficult to host a networking event, but with the benefits of hosting such an event, it can be hugely important to do so. Networking events bring people together, sharing experiences, work and could potentially bring businesses together on a larger scale. To help reduce the stress of a networking event we have come up with some top tips to guide you through!

Venue Is Important

Hosting a networking event at any venue could prove to hinder it, as it could mean people have to travel further than they would like. You need to find a venue that is perfectly situated with the right amount of space in order to balance presentation, space and the attendees. It is important to haggle with such venues as they can offer alternative packages, and potentially include extra spaces depending the amount of people that turn up to your event. Whether you choose a hotel, a rentable space, or even a roof top, ensure that you have the right amount of size, so people are cramped, or unable to speak to each other properly.

The Simpler The Better

When hosting such an event it is important to simplify things down. This can help the process run a lot smoother, as well as helping things seamlessly coincide together. A lot of successful networking events have a good presentation, which will last a certain amount of time and the rest of the time is there for people to socialise with one another. Whether it is the structure of your networking event, or it is the way your attendees gain access will allow you to enjoy yourself a little more. Consider using online registration or lanyards in order to gain entry. This way people will simply have to flash their lanyards rather than having to dig through in order to find slips, or access the networking event registration online.

Networking Events Need To Have Networking

The whole point of hosting a networking event is to allow your attendees to communicate and network with one another. This should be your main priority, showing people that you’re interested with what they have to offer to such an event. Listening to your attendees and taking the information on board will build trust, helping the event run a little better. Listening to people can make them feel comforted, showing them you are interested and can help them for with any of their needs.

Meeting & Greeting Is Important

No matter what networking event you host you should always meet each and every member present. This shows that you are more than a face and that you are wanting to liaise with each person there. Some networking events can be an unattractive prospect as they may believe that they will never meet the person responsible and instead hosting the event in order to seem arrogant.


Similar to meeting and greeting, taking on board the feedback from your attendees will show them that you value their opinion. Take a look at the feedback and see if there a general, or majority of attendees that disliked something and look to improve it event on event. This will help those attending feel valued and will continue to bring more and more people to your next events.

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