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What do you think of plastic bottled water?

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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s health awareness, more and more attention is paid to the safety demand for air and water, and some water purifiers, air purifiers, and other equipment are being produced. In this process,  the water purification industry has entered a period of high-speed development and produce the plastic bottled water.

On the other hand, more and more people tend to drink bottled water. In their opinion, some think bottled water will be safer. others may think choosing bottled water to become their water supply is convenient and easy.

At first, most of the people who have bottled water in their homes were have no choice, because we knew that tap water cannot be changed directly. And the price and service of drinking water equipment gave us no courage to use it. Bottled water is more direct and convenient. Pull buckets of water off the floor and place them on top of the water machine, then pour the water and drink it. This instant has become people’s favorite way of drinking water. But how much do you know about the bottled water you drink? Do you know about the bottled water your drink?

In this article, I will show some bad aspects of bottled water. If you are interested in it, you can continue to read it. Hope you can take the warning.

The bottled water is not as safe as you think

There is interested research I would like to share with you, It’s said a research institution conduct a series of inspections for the safety of bottled water. After opening the bottled water, it took 3 days to develop from 0 bacteria to 1,000 bacteria In an instant, people realized that the exposed environment of bottled water caused many hidden dangers and should not be ignored. Putting it on your body, after the water dispenser is opened, does not mean that the water quality cannot be directly overlapped. After the opening, the bottled water is exposed to a harmful substance and naturally contains bacteria. For example, when you replace another bottle for your water dispenser, the bacteria and dust in the air will inevitably enter the water dispenser. A large number of bacteria survive and reproduce, which is extremely detrimental to people’s health.

In addition, the situation of “secondary contamination” of bottled water is unavoidable. The delivery of bottled water is by using bicycles, tricycles, and truck to deliver, the whole delivery process of bottled water due to the impact of time, climate, environment, and personnel quality. So that the possibility of causing “secondary pollution” is high.

The recycling of bottle may not the same as you think

As the title saying, the recycling and sanitizing of empty bottles is even less reassuring. We often can see the scene of recycling empty bottle in front of your house. But we don’t know where the empty bottles were sent to and how How they will be processed?

Bottled water is bad for our environment

Plastic pollution or you can it white pollution , is the result cause by using a large of plastic product. According to the research ,everyday Americans will throw away more than 60 million plastic water bottles, most of which end up in landfills or littered streets, parks and waterways across the United States.

What’s more, each plastic bottle takes thousands of years to decompose and releases harmful substances in the process of decompose.

For the sake of protecting our environment, stop drinking bottled water!

Are all the bacteria do harm to your body?

You don’t need to concerned more about the bacteria, the key is that what kind of the bacteria is? It is beneficial for us or harmful? There are many bacteria in the human body, on the surface of body and in the air they breathe. People live in an environment with bacteria, and we also have the ability to resist bacteria. However, few people pay attention to the 1000 bacteria in the bottle. After all, this is an expensive test for ordinary people. we will not be bored enough to directly take a water quality test.

What is the alternative of bottle water ?

The disadvantage of bottled water is apparently. Slowly ,many kind of water purifier have developed into household and commercial types. Drinking filtered water become a new trend of us.

The comparison between filtered water and bottle water are numerous on many forum. Indeed, drinking filtered water can provide our safe water and save the plastic bottle. From an environmental perspective, filtered water is definitely a better choice.

From what has been discussed above, maybe you tend to turn your drinking way into filtered water. Spending money on purchasing a water purifier  is definitely wise choice. The reason why I said this will be mentioned below:

It offers many benefits for you and your family. It means your family will have a safe, well-tasty water supply and doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment .By the way ,you need to replace your water filter in every six months, the cost of replacing a water filter is lower than purchasing bottled water ,a water purifier enable to reduce your costs !It’s advised you to learn more about how refrigerator water filters can positively impact your family.

A girl  is drinking water,the water is filtered by coachfilters edr1rxd1 water filter

Purchasing a water bottle for yourself

To avoid producing more plastic waste ,buy a water bottle for yourself. In my opinion, you can make drinking water become a ritual by buying a favorite plastic bottled water and carrying it to work or school!


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