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The concept of flirting | The concept of flirting

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Imagine a situation where you meet someone on the street, someone random, and you are trying to get close, or exchange digits and he say no, or she snubs you? These situations are some of our everyday life, and who knows, you can meet your soul mate anytime, anywhere. The big question now is, does your soulmate want to meet you? Are you your soulmate’s soulmate? We all have our preferences and what we look forward to seeing in the opposite person, especially sexually. 

As sexual beings, it’s only normal for us to feel attracted to the next person, especially if the person is endowed. The concept of flirting could come in any form and could be done anywhere. Have you ever been stuck in an elevator with a hot blonde, and you couldn’t help yourself but engage her in a conversation? Similarly, several other individuals are meeting up in restaurants, clubs, or social gatherings. The traditional ways of flirting led to dating, while others successful dating has led to marriage, some end in one night stands and friends with benefits. 

So, you might be triggered to ask, is flirting bad? No, flirting is not bad; in fact, it has since inception been one of the primaries means of getting the attention of someone to whom you are romantically attracted. However, being romantically attracted to someone takes two to tango. If you are attracted to someone, it’s either the person reciprocates the same energy, or they don’t. Now, flirting gives you that opportunity to share with them the reason or reasons they should return their feelings. 

Sadly, no one wants to talk for long or hold long and boring conversations; instead, we prefer naughty chats and exchange of nudes. It’s a “woke generation”, and we all want to move fast, with whatsoever it is we are doing. If it’s dating, then let’s cut the chase; if it’s a one night stand, better. If it’s going to be leading to marriage, let’s be done with it as soon as possible. This has made the concept of flirting father incomprehensible, and you see people asking questions like, “what are we? Are we dating? These and many more similar questions result from the misinterpretation of what flirting is all about. 

How can I become an expert in flirting?

Being an expert in flirting is actually one of the most straightforward fits any random person can accomplish. However, we are not always willing to do all it takes to win. One of the things you must note is that flirting is more purposeful. The same way you perceive dating as a subsidiary of courtship and courtship, marriage. Flirting is a subsidiary of dating, and if you are going to get the girl, you better get your pen and note these points 

  • Take it slow:

Yes, you want to have her thinking about you, yes, you need him on your web, but you need to take it slow. Don’t dish out too much information, especially when you are meeting up for the first time. Be sure to be as gentle as possible. Remember, it’s not a mutual feeling yet. You might want to keep the words as censored as possible. Make sure you don’t include naughty chats. At least, not on the first meet. 

  • Pay attention to reactions:

We all have our boundaries; make sure you don’t pass yours with whom you are flirting with because that could end your flirting game even before it starts. Be respectful and take each of their decisions as substantial as possible. Make sure you don’t make the conversation all about yourself. Lean, and listen to them with all attention focus on them (with a straight face). Watch their reactions, especially when you make jokes and say something outside the discussion area 

  • Always keep eye contact:

If you are the shy type, flirting is not for you. You might want to hide behind naughty chats and nude collections. If you’d be doing the actual flirting, you need to maintain eye contact at all times. Show them the vulnerability in you. One of the important ways of landing someone you are attracted to emotionally is by showing them how vulnerable you are when you are with them. This would be achieved when you try not to break eye contact. Stare right into their eyes while explaining why you want to have something going on with them. That is a deal sealer!

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