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5 Roof Leak Causes That Requires Instant Repair

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Roof leaks happen to everyone at some point. But, no one likes to run with a dripping basket every time there is a leak. In addition to being inconvenient, it also indicates serious roof damage. If that’s been happening with your roof lately, pick up your phone and book roofing repair services. 

But, the question is, why do these leaks happen? Well, there are several reasons for that. In this article, we have shortlisted possible reasons that can become the cause of roof leaks. It includes,

Cracked Flashings

Flashings are the material (pieces of metal) that is in-between the shingles and the roof joints. These thin sheets act as a water-resistant barrier. And, if there are any cracks on the pieces, then you know the flashings are broken. These cracks can be due to extreme weather conditions, like strong winds and heavy rains. Regardless of what the reason is, if you see any leaks, contact your roofing contractors in Peabody, MA, to inspect the cause. In case of cracked flashing, they will need to fix it immediately.


Unexpectedly, this is one of the biggest reasons for roof leaks. The animals like mice, possums, raccoons, etc. start to take refuge in the roof as the weather changes. They usually starts to break through the roof, and if there already is a small hole, they will dig in to make it bigger. Once this happens, you’ll have to call for roof leak repair services.

The best way to avoid this expensive repair is to prevent the build-up of the debris on the roof. Also, try to get regular roof cleaning services, so the animals don’t take refuge in the first place.

Gutter Issues

All the water on the roof runs down into the gutters. So do the wooden sticks, debris, and other sorts of dirt. If you don’t get them cleaned often, it can affect the flow of water, and it will start to build upon the roof. This can cause the water to enter the shingles and cause leaks. Melo’s Construction recommends you get professional gutter cleaning services at least three times a year. However, if there are trees around, you may have to get them more often.

Broken/Damaged Shingles

Weather changes are the worst enemy of shingles. Luckily, these damages are easy to identify, which can help you in saving costs on expensive repairs. As they are the external part of the roof, you’ll be able to identify any broken pieces or color changes. And, when you do, contact close-by roofing contractors in Boston. They will repair the broken shingle, so it doesn’t cause any serious harm on the roof.

Excess Use of Roof

Though, there is no definite way to determine if this is the reason for the roof leak. However, it is better to avoid going on the roof too often. It not only can damage the roof but also is dangerous. The roof materials become fragile, especially when they already have small damage. So, if you step over them, you can damage them further.

How Hiring Roofing Repair Services Can Help?

No matter the reason for the roof leak is, you shouldn’t ignore them. Call a roofing contractor, and have it looked over on an immediate basis. They will help to avoid any serious harm and damage.

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