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5 fabulous, festive Party hairstyles in 5 minutes

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Oh no! You’ve squandered your time away, and now you only have 5 minutes to get ready for the party… And you haven’t even managed to do your hair yet! Don’t worry! We’ll show you 5 fabulous, festive 5-minute hairstyles for your long hair.

Styling a fun and festive hairdo doesn’t have to take hours. You can easily transform your long hair into a festive curly, twisty, braided party hairstyles in 5 minutes.

These hairstyles are even easy to do yourself. To show you how simple these 5, festive hairstyles actually are, two of our crazy-about-hair – and otherwise completely normal – girls from marketing will show you how to make them.

5 fabulous, festive Party hairstyles in 5 minutes

1: Make a beautiful braid

Add a bit of sparkle to your beautiful braid with hair accessories. That’s what we’ve done for this party hairstyle. You need: A few bobby pins, a hairclip and a smidge of hair wax. Watch the video below and braid your way to a fabulously festive hairstyle.

2: Twist your hair into a festive bun

If braids aren’t really you and you’re still looking for a decorative and easy party hairstyle, you may like these twists. You need: 5-10 bobby pins, a hairclip, a texture spray to add texture to your hair – we used the IdHAIR Essentials Texture Spray – and a hairspray for long-lasting hold. Watch the video and twist your way to a fabulously festive hairstyle.

3: Make a perfectly puffy ponytail

A ponytail is not just a ponytail – you can vary it infinitely, and this one is quite festive. You need: Styling tape to create the shiny detail (you may also use silk hair ribbon, a leather ribbon, a scarf or anything else you have lying around that you can use to tie around the ponytail). You also need a narrow, flat elastic hairband and hair wax to keep those flyaways down and get a sleek looking top of your head – we used Mé Soft Hold Wax. Watch the video below and be ready to get inspired.

4: Backcomb your way into a party hairstyle

Push some volume into a bun by backcombing your hair in sections. We decided to do a side bun, but you can just as easily do a back bun. You need: Backcombing brush, bobby pins, a thin elastic hair band, hair powder – we used IdHAIR Mé Massive Powder – and a texture spray. We finished the hairstyle off with a glitter spray to add that extra festive sparkle.

5: Curl your way to a festive hairdo

There’s just something about those curls! If your creativity is at its lowest, you can always grab your straightener or your curling wand and give those curls a try. You need: Straightener, heat protection – we used IdHAIR Elements Xclusive Curl Creator, which is heat protection and definition for your curls in one, and a few bobby pins. Bring your hairspray and give your curls a touch up before making your big entrance party hairstyles in 5 minutes. Watch the video below and go “knock ‘em dead”!

Have a nice hair day!

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